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 Business promotion, business networking, increased visibility & web visits, and more traffic for your business!  Our primary goal is to help you increase your business presence!  In addition, by being a part of KnoxvilleUnique.com, your business is a part of the fun, excitement and satisfaction of supporting a Knoxville native achieve a very BIG dream! 

Promotion on a Local AND National Scale!

 This is a UNIQUE opportunity to join with other Knoxville-area businesses to support Knoxville-native NASCAR driver Chad Finchum as he moves up to the national stage in motorsports!  Chad is promoting KnoxvilleUnique.com through his social media channels, as well as on his Xfinity series racecar!  Thousands of new potential customers will check out KnoxvilleUnique.com every week to see all of the companies listed here! 

Exciting Special Events to Give You More Visibility

 KnoxvilleUnique.com is hosting special events all around the Knoxville area!  These can be planned at YOUR place, or your business can be a part of events at other business locations.  Many events include appearances by Chad Finchum or his showcar, which will attract even more new potential customers. The goal at all events is to create as much exposure for your business as possible in the public eye and on social media! 

How To Get Involved

Choose Your Level of Involvement

 ALL LEVELS of KnoxvilleUnique.com business members will be listed on this website with a description and weblink.  Each business receives a certificate of support and promotional materials from Chad Finchum Racing which you may use to advertise to current or potential customers.  A link to KnoxvilleUnique.com is located  on the Chad Finchum Racing site, as well as on all of his social media channels, to drive traffic to this site.  Additional business perks AND racing perks are available at the top levels! 

Host one of our Special Events!

 GOLD LEVEL  Hosting one of our KnoxvilleUnique.com special events brngs new customers to YOUR location!  You will receive lots of publicity for hosting, many business-to-business connections, and appearances by Chad Finchum/showcar, as his schedule permits.  Chad will personally mention your business and event on his website, newsletter, and social media channels to help promote your event in a big way! 

Your Business Name & Website on Racecar!

 PLATINUM LEVEL   Top Level KnoxvilleUnique.com businesses will have the thrill of seeing their business name, logo, and website on Chad Finchum's Xfinity race car!  Not only will you get national exposure for your business, you will also receive special raceday Xfinity pit/garage passes, and other exciting at-track perks.  Chad Finchum is an excellent spokesman for products and services, and at this top level of participation, your business will also receive a personal appearance by Chad, as well as a monthly promotion on Chad's social media channels. 

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